Its moisture retention is expected to be 1.3 times that of hyaluronic acid.
Besides inflammation suppression and antioxidant actions, it is also expected to behave similarly to EGF, which promotes turnover.


It is a component of attention that has won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
The greatest attraction of fullerene is it’s high antioxidant power.
With antioxidant power which is said to be up to 250 times that of vitamin C, it makes active enzymes which counteract aging.
It is expected to have the effects of whitening, anti-wrinkle, barrier function improvement, pore tightening, lighteing of spots, improvement of skin roughness (moisture retention).
The ingredient's strong antioxidant power and low irritation has drawn a lot of attention from the beauty industry.

Placenta extract

One of the whitening ingredients recognized by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. In addition, removal of active enzyme which is the cause of aging, formation of collagen.
Multiple effects such as an anti-inflammatory effect can be expected.

Hyaluronic acid

It is an indispensable ingredient for keeping your skin moisturized. In capsules, there are so-called super hyaluronic acids which here twice the normal water retention capacity, and preserve moisturized skin.

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